Big East Microsite Is Back…

Posted by Will Tucker on October 8th, 2012

Welcome back to Rush The Court’s Big East microsite. College basketball is, thankfully, almost here to rescue Big East fans’ offseason malaise, so we’ll usher in the upcoming season by indulging in some speculation about how the conference will shake out. We’ll be kicking off our coverage with a countdown of Big East team previews and preseason honors. You’ll also find the daily Big East Morning Five resuming this week, as we turn our attention toward preseason news and events around the conference.

Writing duties reside once again with returning blogger Michael Lemaire. New writers Dan Lyons and Will Tucker will join him to help make the microsite an even more comprehensive resource for Big East basketball news and analysis. We want this microsite to be an open and participatory experience for readers, so please chime in if you have thoughts, criticisms, or ideas for how we can improve the site. We imagine you’re as excited as we are for the season to begin, so we’ll dive right in.

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