Pac-12 Basketball Fantasy League Voting: Round One, Game One

Posted by Connor Pelton on June 30th, 2012

Our first matchup of the summer pits top seeded David Piper (Addicted to Quack) up against the eight seed, Jack Follman (Pacific Takes). Below are the rosters, followed by commentary from the respective owner:

David Piper

Head Coach – Pete Newell, California

Guard – Terrell Brandon, Oregon
Guard – Harold Miner, USC
Guard – Andre Miller, Utah
Guard – Aaron Brooks, Oregon

Forward – Luke Jackson, Oregon
Forward – Greg Ballard, Oregon
Forward – Keith Van Horn, Utah
Forward – Adam Keefe, Stanford

Center – Sidney Wicks, UCLA
Center – Brook Lopez, Stanford

David’s Take:

Obviously, all of these teams are filled with great players, but none are as versatile as mine. At the guard spots, I have two of the best all-time scorers at guard in Terrell Brandon and Harold Miner, who both averaged over 27 PPG a game, but Brandon and Andre Miller are also two of the better distributors in league history, while Aaron Brooks is lightning quick and has unlimited range. Miller and Brandon, two of the better all-around guards not only in college, but in the NBA over the last two decades, are both fantastic defenders as well. In the frontcourt, three of the forwards are 20/10 guys while the fourth is one of the best all-around forwards in league history. Keith Van Horn nearly won a national title at Utah, and has the ability to go inside out, while Adam Keefe was a physical banger at Stanford who went for 26-12 his senior year. Greg Ballard’s was the equal of Marques Johnson, drafted two rounds earlier, he just didn’t have the name “UCLA” on his jersey, and Luke Jackson was a triple-double waiting to happen who could score from anywhere on the floor and once had 39 straight in a game. At center, Sidney Wicks was a national player of the year who won a national title at UCLA while, Brook Lopez is a 20/10 seven footer. My team has four first-team All-Americans (Miller, Van Horn, Jackson, and Wicks) and two national players of the year (Wicks and Van Horn).

But, most importantly, there isn’t a thing this team cannot do. I can put out guard combinations that score at the rim, from three, or distribute. I can put in posts who will score back to the basket, or hit jump shots. Only Brooks isn’t a great rebounder or defender; everyone else is plus in both areas. Oh, and they are coached by national champion Pete Newell, who, if not for health reasons, would be the greatest coach ever (and is the only coach in conference history to have a winning record over John Wooden).

Jack Follman

Head Coach – Larry Brown, UCLA

Guard – Gail Goodrich, UCLA
Guard – Walt Hazzard, UCLA
Guard – Ron Lee, Oregon
Guard – Arron Afflalo, UCLA

Forward – Miles Simon, Arizona
Forward – Ike Diogu, Arizona State
Forward – Stan Love, Oregon
Forward – Casey Jacobsen, Stanford

Center – Bill Walton, UCLA
Center – Channing Frye, Arizona

Jack’s Take:

Talk about a team that knows how to win, my starting lineup alone have won six national championships and features arguably the second best player in the history of college basketball in Bill Walton. Gail Goodrich and Walt Hazzard might be the two most decorated guards in conference history, and I have them in the same backcourt. With two deadly shooters on the perimeter, opponents will have to stay extended. Walton’s grace inside combined with Ike Diogu’s pure strength and athleticism will open up opportunities in the post. Throw in Miles Simon, who is the last conference player to lead his team to the national championship, and I have a starting five from heaven. Also, don’t forget a bench that has Oregon’s all-time leading scorer (Ron Lee) and the Ducks best big man ever (Stan Love), along with one of the best defenders in conference history (Arron Afflalo) and one of the best shooters (Casey Jacobsen). All of this is topped off with one of the best and most versatile coaches in the history of the sport in Brown, who has a national championship and three Final Four appearances.

This juggernaut will be facing off against a team that features a starting lineup that consists primarily of guys who you most remember as being disappointed about when you found them in a pack of basketball cards you just opened (Van Horn, Miner, Brandon, seriously – why were packs so loaded with these guys), a UCLA big man who is nowhere near the caliber of Walton, and a Oregon big man who is arguably a lesser player than Love, who is on my bench. If that isn’t enough for you, just disregard the last meandering sentence and focus on three words – Keith, Van, Horn (and his socks).

Voting begins now and will close at 1:00 PM PT on Monday. The winner is off to the semifinals, where it will face the winner of the matchup to be revealed on Tuesday.

Good luck to all, and happy voting.

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