ACC Weekly Five: 06.13.12 Edition

Posted by KCarpenter on June 13th, 2012

  1. Orlando Sentinel: Remember that whole thing about Florida State‘s athletic department operating at a loss, creating a clear-cut reason to try to join a conference where they received more money? Forget it. Florida State is now apparently operating in the black. How did this happen? Well, it turns out the ACC actually generated more money than expected and that all of the member schools are receiving windfalls of extra cash. Instead of getting the budgeted $14 million, Florida State got nearly $16 million. Of course, the situation is a little more complicated than that, but the long story cut short is that the Seminoles are not operating at a deficit.
  2. Washington Post: Of course, for some schools, the extra money isn’t enough. Maryland‘s athletic director Kevin Anderson had the unfortunate task of having to explain why the windfall won’t be enough to save some of the athletic programs that have been on the chopping block since the Terrapin athletic department found itself overextended. Some better news? Maryland seems to definitely be in the running to land a pair of five-star recruiting prospects in the Harrison twins.
  3. Daily Mail: In a classic case of bad news/good news, former Boston College player Matt Humphrey has transferred to West Virginia. Humphrey was a big scorer for Boston College. He was also a terrible shooter and something of an offensive black hole who probably hurt his team more than helped it. It’s a rare opportunity to celebrate when the second-leading scorer on your team transfers, but that’s exactly what should be happening in this case. Less celebration-worthy? BC Interruption‘s quick analysis of the Eagles’ likely schedule for next season.
  4. Chapelboro: Pete Brennan, the legendary 1958 ACC Player of the Year and member of the 1957 North Carolina NCAA champions, has died. Collected and embedded in this article are a lovely collection of stories and anecdotes  by Brennan recorded in 2010 on the radio program “Who’s Talking?” It’s a wonderful look at one of the great ACC players of all-time in his own words.
  5. Fox Sports South: In more sad news, former Clemson center Bill Ross died in a car accident. Ross is a Clemson basketball legend, a member of the Tigers team that went to the Elite Eight in 1980, which is still a school best. Ross also played a pivotal role in a one-point victory over an Indiana team the next season that would go on to win the 1981 NCAA tournament.
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