Morning Five: 05.16.12 Edition

Posted by nvr1983 on May 16th, 2012

  1. Our long national nightmare may be nearing an end. No, the unemployment numbers still are bad (even with the fudging), but we may have seen the end of those atrocious and dangerous tournament sponsor stickers. After several near-misses and plenty of angry comments from players and coaches the NCAA has given a recommendation to the Playing Rules Oversight Committee that it should use a consistent surface (read: no stickers) for the sake of player safety. Coaches have offered several solutions including even wearing stickers of sponsors themselves to the point where they would look like a NASCAR vehicle, but frankly that’s just tacky. If you are a company and want exposure to a wide audience that is well-read, incredibly intelligent, and wealthy with plenty of disposable income you should e-mail us to advertise on our site.
  2. Surprisingly that was not the only interest announcement from the NCAA yesterday as it also had a couple other topics it chose to highlight in its press release. Outside of the sponsor decals (addressed above) the most interesting proposal is one that could result in more technical fouls being called on head coaches and the bench for unsportsmanlike behavior. We are kind of surprised that they even had to mention comments related to “race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation directed at or referring to any game official or opposing player/bench personnel” as something that requires a technical since it already usually results in a media firestorm, but they are also calling for technical fouls to when the coach/bench questions calls excessively. Obviously how the officials interpret this rule could be very interesting as there are some very prominent coaches (like a guy with a “K” in his name) who tend to do this very frequently and could approach Dennis Rodman territory for technical fouls if the officials enforce this strictly.
  3. The pickings for top-flight recruits is getting slim as most of the college basketball media was focused in on the announcement of Amile Jefferson, a highly rated power forward out of Philadelphia, that he would attend Duke passing on North Carolina State, Kentucky, and a couple of other schools. Although Jefferson is not expected to have a major impact right away his matriculation to Durham will boost a Blue Devil front line that was already respectable and even though his contribution might be marginal it could be enough to get the team another ACC title especially with how down the ACC is expected to be. Still Jefferson’s potential impact is more likely to be in the long-term with the eventual departure of Mason Plumlee and Ryan Kelly after the 2012-13 season.
  4. It seems like we have been talking more about transfers in the past few weeks than we typically do at this time of year, but is that actually true or just our perception? Dan Hanner decided to take a look at the actual number of “transfers” this year compared to previous years. The answer that Hanner comes up with may surprise you and may in some ways be a reflection of the methodology used by others who claim individuals are transferring when in fact they just do not use up all of their available eligibility. Given how early it is in the transfer season it is possible that the total number of actual transfers will be significantly greater than it has in past years. The reality is probably something more like the transformation of media coverage of the sport has been greatly impacted by social media where individuals like yours truly can use that platform to espouse our views or get sucked into believing the views of others where a few major stories (like a player’s attempt to transfer being blocked) clouds our analysis of the big picture.
  5. Wyoming forward Leonard Washington received a $530 fine, a 31-day suspended jail sentence. and one year of unsupervised probation after he pleaded guilty to charges of criminal entry and battery stemming from an incident on April 15. Washington, who was suspended indefinitely from the team on April 4 for unspecified reasons, admitted to entering a house without permission and punching an individual leading to his arrest. With this event occurring soon after he had been suspended indefinitely from the team we would be surprised if Washington were allowed to rejoin the Wyoming team even if he was their best player last season averaging 12.9 points, 6.9 rebounds, 1.2 steals, and 1.1 blocks on his way to Second Team All-Mountain West honors. Washington, who transferred to Wyoming from USC, will probably end up at another school, but with just one year of eligibility this is probably the last we have heard of Washington on a (relatively) big stage.
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