RTC 2012 BCS Poll: Week 2

Posted by nvr1983 on January 16th, 2012

As part of our continuing coverage to show you how idiotic the college football BCS system is and hopefully point out some of the differences between the human and computer college basketball rankings we are releasing our world famous RTC BCS Poll yet again. For details on how this works, check out our previous post on the topic where we discuss the methodology and Week 1 rankings. Analysis and BCS match-ups after the jump.

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A few notable things from the poll:

  • Syracuse is the solid #1 and is just as strong in the human polls as it is in the computer polls. The computers seem to like Ohio State a lot more than humans do while they seem to dislike North Carolina more than humans do.
  • The computer polls are split on Seton Hall. Two of them have them as one of the top six teams in the country while two don’t even include them in the Top 25 and another has them at #25.
  • San Diego State and Michigan failed to crack a single computer Top 25.
  • Wisconsin managed to make it into the Top 25 even after the Pomeroy’s ridiculous #4 ranking is dropped as the highest computer score.

Here are your projected BCS match-ups:

  • Sugar Bowl: #7 Kansas versus #10 Indiana. The same match-up, but the rankings are almost flipped. Once again Missouri would get passed over for the bigger national Kansas following and this would be just the 14th time the two historic programs have met with the Hoosiers holding a 7-6 edge.
  • Rose Bowl: #4 Ohio State versus California. The Bears hang on as the Pac-12 representative despite dropping to 39th in the rankings. This would be your BCS snooze-fest as all the other games sound intriguing or at least the media could come up with storylines.
  • Fiesta Bowl: #3 Baylor versus #14 UNLV. A highly anticipated match-up that would be the most disappointing as #13 Murray State would get passed over despite being more qualified than UNLV due to their higher BCS ranking, but they get left behind because unlike UNLV they do not play in one of the second-tier automatic bid conferences (Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and WAC). The Ohio Valley does not qualify under the automatic exemption as being a top 16 team with a higher BCS ranking than an automatic BCS qualifier conference (the Pac-12), but the Mountain West is so UNLV gets the bid and we get denied a chance to see a match-up of undefeated teams.
  • Orange Bowl: #5 Duke versus #9 North Carolina. A rematch just like last week, but this time the roles are reversed as the Blue Devils would be the ACC Champions. As much as we hate another rematch we cannot imagine a bowl passing up on the promotional opportunity of Duke-UNC.
  • BCS Championship Game: #1 Syracuse versus #2 Kentucky. Still your #1 vs #2 although this could change very quickly if Baylor knocks off Kansas tonight.
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