ESPNU Pac-12 Logo Tournament: Round 1

Posted by Connor Pelton on November 2nd, 2011

Beginning today and going thru Nov. 15, the RTC Pac-12 Microsite (that’s us!) will be holding a tournament to determine the best ESPNU Pac-12 logo. Beginning today you can vote for your favorite in a 12-team bracket style tournament. Drew and I have seeded them and placed them into the bracket. All you have to do is pick your favorite, or (here’s looking at you, Ute fans) vote for your favorite team regardless of how bad their logo is. Beginning tonight and going through Monday night, you can pick from the below matchups. Then come back on Wednesday to vote from a whole new set of matchups. Here we go!

#8 Oregon vs #9 Colorado

Connor’s thoughts: I flat-out just don’t like these logos. The Ducks’ only admirable quality is the green and yellow hat, and the only thing I like on the Colorado one is the steam coming out of its nose. I’m taking Oregon because the Buffalo has birds on top of it, and who even knows what’s up with that.

Drew’s thoughts: Tough first round matchup between logos that could cause the #1 overall seed trouble in the next round. I’ll take the Buffaloes here, but it’s a close call.


#5 Arizona State vs #12 Utah


Connor’s thoughts: There’s no contest here. The Sun Devil is awesome, from the burnt piece of wood to the pitchfork. The Ute is just plain awful. If they put some effort into it and made the official Utah redhawk, maybe it would look better. Maybe.

Drew’s Thoughts: The Utes have by far the worst logo. The only thing at all that indicates that it may belong to Utah are the feathers. One of the guys at BlockU came up with a better logo, and if that was the actual logo, Utah might have a chance. Or maybe not, because the ASU logo is pretty good.

#7 Washington vs #10 California

Connor’s thoughts: Both of these are nice logos and I can see the winner of this matchup going deep in this tourney. I think both of them can win because of their “life-likeness”, but I’m going with the Husky because of the crazy smiley-face thing it has. Is it a happy face? Is it a “W” with the middle covered up? Is it nothing? It could be smu of those, but that puts it over the edge for me.

Drew’s thoughts: Something’s wrong with that dog. He’s got a split down the middle of his skull. Wow, and that Bear has the same thing. It’s an epidemic. Meh, gimme the dog.


#6 Arizona vs #11 Washington State

Connor’s thoughts: Pretty much the same looking cat in both of them here, but in what is probably the unlikely opinion, I like the snowy-mountain background more than the desert.

Drew’s thoughts:  These logos look real similar. Um, give the nod to Arizona for the cactus.


That’s it! Make sure to vote and check back Wednesday for the quarterfinal matchups!

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One response to “ESPNU Pac-12 Logo Tournament: Round 1”

  1. dio says:

    The Buffs are the clear winners here. Not sure what Connors is thinking! ASU also a good one

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