North Carolina Unveils Camouflage Uniforms For Carrier Classic

Posted by mpatton on October 27th, 2011

Last week we mentioned that Michigan State and probably North Carolina could be playing in special camouflaged uniforms for the Carrier Classic next month based on an astute viewer noticing a camouflaged Spartan jersey in a totally unrelated World Series video.

Here are the Camouflaged Uniforms North Carolina Will Wear to the Carrier Classic (Credit:

Today confirmed our speculation, releasing exclusive photos of North Carolina’s jerseys, which are pictured above. The jury is still out on how these will look in person or on the screen of a sixty-inch HDTV, but frankly I think we should wait and judge once we can see the players. Right now the camouflage makes the shorts look like a Hawaiian bathing suit, but I’ll save my final judgment for after the game. I think replacing player names with “U.S.A.” is a classy touch, and the color may even be growing on me.

While nothing has been officially announced, I expect North Carolina and Michigan State to auction these off for charities associated with the armed forces after the game is finished.

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2 responses to “North Carolina Unveils Camouflage Uniforms For Carrier Classic”

  1. Ke7301 says:

    If it’s going to be camoed just make it the regular camo colors but this is cool too

  2. mpatton says:

    I sort of agree. Also the images on the left and the ones on the right look like slightly different colors so I’m still not sure what the final product will look like.

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