Around The Blogosphere: On The Eve Of The NCAA Tournament

Posted by nvr1983 on March 17th, 2011

If you are interested in participating in our ATB2 feature, send in your submissions to We are talking a slightly different approach to this post today due to the nature of the NCAA Tournament, but we will add to this post throughout the day as the submissions come in so keep on sending them.

East Regional

Southeast Regional

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West Regional


  • So now that Capel has been let go, who do we get to replace him?: Speculating on some potential replacements in Norman. (Crimson and Cream Machine)
  • We Won’t Have Sidney Lowe to Kick Around Anymore: “Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe met with athletic director Debbie Yow today, after which he resigned, ending a five-year tenure at N.C. State. They weren’t a good five years, either, resulting in no NCAA appearances, and a 1-10 record against UNC, the fewest wins since Leroy Jay in the pre-ACC era. As a Carolina fan, of course, I’ll miss Lowe, who was always great for comparing his words to reality, and provided the greatest title in this blog’s history.” (Carolina March)
  • Let’s Look Ahead to the 2011-12 Gopher Basketball Roster: “The NCAA Tournament hasn’t even really started but Gopher fans can start looking ahead to 2011. I think it is good to talk about this while the current season is still fresh in our minds and we can then look back to this in October. There is no doubt that this team isn’t good enough to make much noise in the Big Ten next year without some improvement from virtually everyone.  The starters need to be better, the bench needs to improve and the coaching staff isn’t off the hook for either. I’m not going to waste any time…let’s start looking ahead to next year, below is the roster of players expected to contribute and my two cents on each of them.” (The Daily Gopher)
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