A Toe Moves, Duke Nation’s Heart Flutters…

Posted by rtmsf on January 4th, 2011

Duke fans the world over have spent most of the holiday season wishing for Santa to bring superstar point guard Kyrie Irving a healthy toe, looking for any sign in the stars that such a gift is forthcoming.  The reason, of course, is that the nation’s #1 team instantly becomes numero uno with a giant bullet if Irving can return to the court with a completely healthy appendage (is a toe an appendage?).  Instead of being the mere favorite to cut the nets down again in March, the Devils become the Goliath.  So you’ll forgive our Durham friends if they’re feeling a little anxious about the continuing status of limbo, which, like many of us wont to the supernatural,  may cause them to find meaning in things that probably don’t really have much. 

The Most Tracked Toe in America... Moved.

It’s a little bit like walking into that 8th-grade party and seeing your crush — the most perfect girl you can ever imagine —  across the room looking in your direction.  Your heart leaps into your throat beating a thousand times per minute; you suddenly feel as if the thermostat in the room skyrocketed; and, if you could climb under a napkin to avert the knowing, mocking, relentless gaze of Your Chosen One, you would.  But that rush is incredible.  What does it mean?  Was she looking for you to come into the party?  Was she staring at the wall behind you?  Does she even know that you’re alive?

Such is the situation that was exhibited on Sunday night with Kyrie Irving (and his toe safely secured in a walking boot) on the bench during Duke’s game versus Miami (FL).  When the FSN camera gazed longingly at Irving’s foot, Duke fans were sent into a maniacal frenzy.  Behold, the toe MOVED…  what does it all mean?!?!?!  (h/t Duke Hoop Blog


We’re no doctor, having only played one before on this site, but the uneducated guess here is that movement of the toe is not necessarily indicative of whether it’s healthy.  We once blew out a couple of knees with a highlight-reel dunk (think Baron Davis at UCLA), but even after the pain subsided and our feet were hanging onto our legs by a shoestring otherwise known as an ACL, we could still move our legs. 

As for real, actual medical advice, Irving is expected to see his doctors this week for an updated status report.  We’ll all stay tuned to that one.

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