Morning Five: 11.04.10 Edition

Posted by jstevrtc on November 4th, 2010

  1. We’re a few days out from this, but we wouldn’t feel like we had done our best for you if we didn’t pass along word of the most recent blog post by the high lama of hoops statistics, Ken Pomeroy. In it, he examines the question of whether the preseason AP poll is actually the most accurate poll of the season, as far as predicting the success of the top teams is concerned. He then reveals how this really is the case, because in the preseason poll the voters aren’t hampered by bias, unhelpful instructions from the AP, or incorrect voting tendencies. Interesting stuff as always.
  2.’s Jeff Goodman stepped up with his Big 12 preview, and his accompanying tweet indicates that he’s ready for any heat he might take because of his second place (and therefore third place) pick. He posted his ACC preview on Tuesday, and we don’t want to give away who he has projected for last place, so we’ll just say that it rhymes with Shpake Blorest.
  3. More conference previews? Got you covered. Gary Parrish predicts the Big East will end up so that Louisville, Connecticut, and Cincinnati will be back in the dorms watching St. John’s and Notre Dame go dancing. Compelling points for all. My, how times have changed in that league. Our Big East preview shall appear within the next few days…
  4. Mike DeCourcy probably lost a few Twitter followers (or gained a hundred) in Chicago and Milwaukee yesterday when he wrote that the Big East is finding it tough to defend its decision to let DePaul and Marquette in during the league’s expansion five years ago. Before Blue Demon and Golden Eagle backers unsheath your Twitter and e-mail swords in his direction, we say read the article again. He’s not saying those programs are to blame for anything. He’s saying that the Big East might regret it now simply because of the realities inherent in college sports today, and should have forseen it.
  5. The Kansas City Star says forget that weirdly-shaped ball, KC is a hoops town, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. Yes, the Chiefs are doing well. OK, fine, there are some schools around there that play football. But the gravitational pull of the college basketball programs fans follow in that part of the world means that KC (and the whole Big 12) belongs to the roundball. When Colorado and Nebraska leave the conference next year, it’ll only tip the scale more toward the basketball side.
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One response to “Morning Five: 11.04.10 Edition”

  1. WakeFan says:

    #9-12 are pretty much interchangeable in the ACC as far as I am concerned. We all have similar issues. I don’t think you can really place those 4 until we’re a month or so into the regular season.

    Wake lost more than the other 3 did, but then Wake was also better.

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