Where 2010-11 Happens: Reason #23 Why We Love College Basketball

Posted by rtmsf on October 12th, 2010

Shamelessly cribbing from the clever NBA catch phrase, we here at RTC will present you with the 2010-11 edition of Thirty Reasons We Love College Basketball as we ramp up to the start of the season a little over a month from now.  We’ll be bringing you players to watch for this season and moments to remember from last season, courtesy of the series of dump trucks, wires and effluvia known as YouTube.  If you want to have some fun while killing time, we encourage you to re-visit the entire archive of this feature from the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons.  Enjoy.

#23- Where Big Ten 6, ACC 5 Happens

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2 responses to “Where 2010-11 Happens: Reason #23 Why We Love College Basketball”

  1. garik16 says:

    Doh! Yep, that was embarrassing. Ah well, the ACC will get revenge this year…

  2. WakeFan says:

    Only took ’em 10 years to win one.

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