Morning Five: 05.14.10 Edition

Posted by rtmsf on May 13th, 2010

  1. Luke Winn calls it the Year of the Scramble with respect to prospective NBA Draft entries having to make their decisions so quickly this year (two weeks after declaration), and he talks to six players who all thought they didn’t have enough time.  We haven’t done an exhaustive search, but we’ve yet to see anyone taking the stance that the  new deadline is a good thing.  Maybe this spring’s groundswell of negativity will inspire the NCAA to address this foolish rule as soon as possible.
  2. Texas players Varez Ward and Shawn Williams have received medical hardship awards, which will mean that the few games each played last season will not count against them.  Ward, who you may recall injured his right quad during warmups in the CBE Classic, will return as a redshirt sophomore, while Williams will be a redshirt freshman.
  3. How powerful is Roy Williams as a national recruiter?  We’ll find out very soon, as UNC is getting in very late with two big men who are still available after coaching changes — 6’11 Kevin Noreen and 6’7 Marcus Thornton — to replace the recently-departed Wear twins.  Noreen is a Minneapolis native who originally signed with Boston College and is trying to get out of his commitment now that Al Skinner is no longer in Chestnut Hill, while Thornton was released from his LOI after Oliver Purnell left Clemson earlier this spring.
  4. TrueHoop reports that several NBA general managers believe that Lebron James is headed to become the next great Chicago Bull, but the question around these parts is whether that would inspire a certain itinerant college coach to join him for the chance of a lifetime?  John Calipari’s AD of course believes that his guy will be back in Lexington next year, but you have to believe that if the best player in the world wants Calipari to coach him, he’ll get his wish.
  5. We mentioned the other day that former Baylor head coach Dave Bliss had been hired at a Texas high school despite the long trail of skeletons behind him, so it’s only fair that we now give him a chance to defend himself and his new life.  Thanks to SRI for reaching out to him to an interview.
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One response to “Morning Five: 05.14.10 Edition”

  1. Ryan says:

    I believe actually the litmus test for Roy will be if he can haul in Justin Knox (6’9″ 245 lbs. transfer from Alabama…graduated w/degree in Business in 3 yrs) and/or Kadeem Jack (#8 PF in 2010 class acc. to Scout). These guys represent targets #1 & #2 it seems with Noreen & Thorton as back-ups or less likely.

    Knox seems like a full-speed ahead, almost no-risk option as the Heels burn only a one-year scholly, get a young man who graduated w/a Bus. Degree in 3 yrs., & a man whose shown talent and, at the very least, has some needed girth.

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