What We Have Here… Is a Failure to Communicate.

Posted by rtmsf on April 21st, 2010

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino, in a press conference Monday morning:

My goal for [Samardo Samuels] next year is to leave next year same as Mashburn whatever year that was ’92 or ’93. That’s my goal for him, get through this junior year, get your rebounds up to 9.5 run the floor those things then it’s his time to go.

From the Jamaica Observer very early Tuesday morning:

Samardo Samuels, who hails from the home of Usain Bolt in Trelawny, Jamaica, has entered this year’s NBA Draft.

Samardo May or May Not Get Those Rebounds Up to 9.5 Per Game

So who’s right — newspaper or coach?  The Jamaica Observer, of course.  Louisville blog Card Chronicle documents the back and forth yesterday through Adam Zagoria’s tweets.  Interesting stuff, and clearly great evidence of how well Coach P communicates with his players.  To his credit, Pitino now says that he’s “100 percent” behind Samuels’ decision to test the waters of the NBA Draft.  That is, until he returns, at which time he’ll be 100 percent behind him returning.

Lord only knows what he’s telling superstar prep guard Marquis Teague (rumored to be leaning Louisville with his decision pending Thursday).

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