RTC Final Four Tidbits: 03.31.10

Posted by rtmsf on April 1st, 2010

Each day this week during the regional rounds of the NCAA Tournament we’re asking some of our top correspondents to put together a collection of notes and interesting tidbits about each region.  If you know of something that we should include in tomorrow’s submission, hit us up at rushthecourt@yahoo.com.

Butler (Andrew Murawa)

West Virginia (Ryan Restivo of SienaSaintsBlog)

  • A West Virginia fan had a very interesting fan experience early in March, but made sure to watch Villanova-West Virginia on March 6 before checking in to the hospital for a heart attack. USA Today notes, she got a surprise visit from Da’Sean Butler.
  • It’s been a little over two years since Duke and WVU met in the NCAA Tournament, and both teams feel that they have matured in the interim.
  • WVU Alum Bob Huggins has brought the Mountaineers to the top.
  • Meanwhile The Philadelphia Inquirer notes the Mountaineers’ strength is rebounding and defense.
  • Bucky Waters, who was head coach  at Duke and West Virginia, expects a good game.


Michigan State (Tom Hager)

  • Michigan State coach Tom Izzo decided to take a bus to Indianapolis rather than fly, as part of a team bonding experience.  On their way to the bus, the team was greeted by hundreds of fans.
  • Larry Lage, who got to sit with Izzo as he made his game preparations, points out that if MSU wins the title this year, Izzo would have the highest all-time winning percentage in NCAA tournament history.
  • Beyond The Arc stated something that has largely been untold: although Izzo’s sixth final four appearance is impressive, they did not have to face a difficult path to win their regional.
  • Although Kalin Lucas’ achilles injury may diminish a large part of MSU’s offensive production, it is possible that the biggest hole in their team is the lack of leadership.
  • According to Izzo, for the first time in years, he feels his team is as good as any other team left.
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