RTC Final Four Tidbits: 03.30.10

Posted by rtmsf on March 31st, 2010

Each day this week during the regional rounds of the NCAA Tournament we’re asking some of our top correspondents to put together a collection of notes and interesting tidbits about each region.  If you know of something that we should include in tomorrow’s submission, hit us up at rushthecourt@yahoo.com.

Butler (Andrew Murawa)

Duke (Patrick Sellars)

  • The Bleacher Report puts their own spin on a preview of the Duke Blue Devils.
  • An article from the Star Tribune discusses how Duke ruined the Final Four because they are the only unlikable team in the mix.
  • Here’s an article from the Miami-Herald on why people despise Duke, and apparently it starts with Coach K. I suppose the rest of the ACC hating on Duke continues into the offseason.
  • Want to know who the best white Duke player of all time was? Well now you can! Thank God Josh McRoberts missed the list.

Michigan State

West Virginia

  • The WaPo delves into the love affair that West Virginians have with their Mountaineers, showing the deep pride the citizens have for their team and players.
  • None other than Mountaineer legend Jerry West discusses just how much he likes this team, of which his son Jonnie is a part.
  • Despite the love that citizens of the state have for their team, only one player, little used Cam Payne is from the Mountain State.  Well, he and Huggins, of course.
  • The endless saga of Truck Bryant’s foot took another turn today, as Huggins said that it’s “very doubtful” that he will play in the Final Four next weekend.
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