John Legend Digs The Buckeyes (Plus Many Others)

Posted by jstevrtc on March 23rd, 2010

How far-reaching is the NCAA Tournament?  Check out these tweets from famous people in other walks of life — actors, musicians, mostly athletes — who have nothing to do with this year’s tournament but are just fans of a particular school, a player, or college hoops in general.  We like that John Legend is diggin’ Ohio State.  Not surprising, since he attended Penn but was born in Ohio.  But given Evan Turner’s versatility, we wonder if a duet with Legend could be in the works.  Anyway, other than one spot where we xxx’d out an innocent person’s Twitter ID, every tweet here is presented exactly as it was found on each user’s account, and none of them are re-tweets. We think it’s pretty cool — you never know who’s watching.

Dara Torres (American Olympic swimmer, gold medalist x 4) — U guys watchn college hoops?? Kinda dig when there’s upsets…except not when it happens to the Gators!! Hehe!

Joel McHale (ex-Washington, and star of NBC’s Community and E!’s The Soup) — Holy crap.  Way to go Northern Iowa.

Pete Yorn (musician) — Wow! Kansas. [Ed. note — posted moments after KU’s loss to UNI]

Conan O’Brien — Hey sports fans, here’s my NCAA pick: bet it all on the Savannah College of Art & Design. Go Fighting Acrylics!

Unless you WANT to be told on, Ms. Banks...

John Legend (musician) — Great day today. Ohio St going to the Sweet 16. I had a great show in Miami Gardens. And the health care bill passed. Happy Sunday

Elizabeth Banks — No, dummies. I didn’t go to Cornell. I went to Penn (*cough* better school). But def pulling for the Ivy League team. Big Cornell win!

Alyssa Milano — One of the biggest NCAA upsets ever [Ed. note: the link goes to an entry about UNI’s toppling of Kansas written by that lucky SOB Gregg Doyel on CBS’s CBB blog.]

Baron Davis (posted on Friday) — My final 4 is intact with KU, Cuse, Nova, Kentucky… but i missed a “FEW” early… LOL

Sklar Brothers (comedians) — Well, it’s official. My bracket is more busted than Tommy Chong at airport security.

Kevin Durant — How many points is Jimmer Fredette gonna score tonight? He is a monster…

Legend has it...that the Buckeyes make beautiful music.

Stephen Colbert — lots of upsets today in march madness. meaning, I’m upset about the scores of all the games.

Natalie Gulbis (insanely hot golfer) — Shoot! UNLV lost! 69-66. Who is everyone pulling for? I’m a Pac 10 Fan

Jay Leno — Lots of upsets over the weekend. Kansas lost to Northern Iowa, Georgetown lost to Ohio,and the Republicans lost to the Democrats. #LenoMono

Ray Allen — I’m watching Syracuse dismantle gonzaga. I love the college bball system. Everybody has a chance at glory. It’s not decided By a sponsor [Ed. note: this was later re-tweeted by Nate Robinson]

Joe Scarborough (MSNBC political commentator) — @xxxxx My parents both went to UK. My dad dragged me around the South to see Rupp’s teams. It’s a disease! GO BIG BLUE.

Reggie Bush — Ok it’s gonna come down to either Syracuse or Kentucky! I forgot about them! They both nice. But gonna put my money on Syracuse

McHale was a tight end at Washington, but gave UNI their props.

Daryn Kagan (former CNN anchor) — Only 2 teams from Pac10 get into NCAA tourney. CAn’t complain. Pac10 hoops historically bad this year.

Alvin Gentry (head coach, Phoenix Suns) — it really good to see the little guys knocking off the giants. the KU lost hurt but great win for St Mary’s boys.

Alvin Gentry (six minutes earlier than the one above) — now that Kansas is out, who will win the championship? my guess is the Kentucky Wildcats. what’s your guess?

Shawne Merriman (San Diego Chargers, ex-Maryland) — I think its a wrap for my terps can’t guard summers for nothing and we have to start hitting some 3’s

Stewart Cink (pro golfer, defending British Open/Ryder Cup champ, ex-Georgia Tech) — GT men fall to Ohio State. Looked a bit young out there today but made a good run at the end. Good heart boys!

Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals, ex-Pitt) — Congrats to PITT for advancing to the second round of the NCAA Tourney!!! Keep rolling fellas!!! #HAILTOPITT

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