RTC (Sorta) Live: Thursday Afternoon Games

Posted by rtmsf on March 18th, 2010

We’ve often said at RTC that the first Thursday of the NCAA tournament is like Christmas. Well, what better way to spend the holidays than with family. OK, maybe RTC contributors and Backdoor Cuts columnists Dave Zeitlin, Steve Moore and Mike Walsh aren’t exactly family, but at the very least they should be your friends. And from Noon until whenever the second set of afternoon games ends today, they will be with you, hosting a live chat where all are invited. They won’t be able to watch all the games, so everyone across the country should feel free to chip in with their thoughts. And for whatever poor souls are stuck at work during the greatest day in all of sports, this will be a great forum for you to get nothing done — unless your job entails reading semi-witty banter about college basketball all day. So unless you’re at the sports bar, there’s no excuse not to stop in and join the chat. There’s only one rule: Always root for the dark jerseys.


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