Boom Goes The Dynamite: First Round 03.18.10 Edition

Posted by jstevrtc on March 18th, 2010

Best first flight of games ever?  It just might be.  Right now the Selection Committee are looking like a bunch of geniuses.  We have confidence in the second flight of games bringing some excitement, too.  We popped for the DirecTV package so we’ll be monitoring every game:

  • Ohio vs Georgetown
  • East Tennessee State vs Kentucky
  • Northern Iowa vs UNLV
  • Washington vs Marquette
  • San Diego State vs Tennessee
  • Wake Forest vs Texas
  • Lehigh vs Kansas
  • Montana vs New Mexico

After what we saw this afternoon, we suggest you join us for our live-blogging feature this evening.  Get that refresh-button finger warmed up, and by all means let us know in the comments section what you’re watching and how you’re celebrating this unofficial national holiday.  We’ll start at around 7 PM ET.  See you there!

7:00: That’s OK Hemogoblin.  Though scheduling a fantasy baseball draft TODAY??  Hmmm…  Anyway, Butler is polishing off UTEP in a game that is going to screw up a lot of brackets.  UTEP was a popular upset pick for the first round, and sometimes beyond.  Frankly, I expected more from Arnett Moutrie at the forward spot.  Zero points today.

7:30: OK, sorry there, folks.  Had a quick  dinner break, which I tried to time right so it would happen during the single-game interval.  Didn’t hit it.  We haven’t missed much.  Kentucky has started pretty hot against ETSU and UNLV has taken an early lead over Northern Iowa.

7:52: Kentucky is shooting 70% to start this game.  YEESH.  They’re already up 41-16 against ETSU.  At what point do you pull the starters to rest for the second game against either Wake or Texas?

7:58: Anyone want to wake up Georgetown?  The Armon Bassett/D.J. Cooper tandem has been quite effective for the Bobcats, so far a combined 6-12 and 15 of Ohio U.’s 33 points.

8:02: Goodness.  John Wall already has seven assists.  Let’s see what else is on…

8:06: Tommy Freeman has hit three of three from three-point land, and Oklah…er, I mean, Ohio U. is up FIFTEEN on a team that people were saying should have moved up to at least the 2-seed line.  They’re shooting 55%….but can they keep it up?

8:13: Amazed at Georgetown.  Ohio U. is able to drive inside at will against the Hoyas and they also happen to have hit EIGHT threes in the first half.  They average seven a game.  I gotta give a hat-tip to a Seth Davis tweet on that stat.  Halftime: 48-36 Bobcats.

8:19: Matt — I agree.  That’s not an argument I heard much of, but I agree with you.  Right now, the committee are looking like a bunch of geniuses.

8:26: Paula and Matt….seriously, I wouldn’t despair on that Georgetown pick.  I’m sure John Thompson III has gotten the message across at halftime, and you’ll see a different G’Town team.  And Ohio U. is going to have to keep this shooting percentage up.  I’d be surprised if that happened.

8:32: So far the story for UNLV has been Matt Shaw, coming off the bench.  He’s got 12 on 4-5 shooting, but unfortunately Oscar Bellfield hasn’t provided much (2 pts on 1-6), and UNI is still up 39-38.

8:37: I looked over at the Kentucky vs ETSU game.  UK’s up 37 after a John Wall three.  Great hoogly moogly.

8:47: I….I just don’t know what to say about Ohio U.  FEARLESS.  They’re up 17 with about 13 minutes left.  Now 19.  This is unreal.

8:57: I agree, Matt.  Kwadzo Ahelegbe and Ali Faroukhmanesh are slick, and they’re both streaky from three.  When they get hot, look out.  But yeah, they both seem to get open a lot.  I like the use of ‘crafty.’  By the way, it’s down to 11.  and there’s a LOT of time left.

9:12: Just looked back in on Kentucky vs ETSU.  It’s somewhere around a 30 point lead.  Why does Calipari have his starters still in there?  If he’s not going to play his bench guys NOW, when will he?  I’m teling you, that second round game of theirs isn’t going to be easy, no matter who it is…

9:22: Aaaaaand….Georgetown’s toast.  The run you’re looking for is not coming.

9:25: Ali Faroukhmanesh!!  Drills a three from about 22 feet to put UNI up by three with 1.6 left!  Honestly, WHEN HAVE YOU SEEN A BETTER FIRST DAY OF GAMES??

9:32: Looks like Georgetown believed a little of that talk about them being a 1 or 2 seed.  Bye-bye.

9:43: Suddenly, Marquette vs Washington has become a SHOOTOUT, and hey, look…ANOTHER close game!

9:47: Both of these teams have put four guys apiece in double figures, all led by Lazar Hayward’s 20.  Man, I’m looking forward to watching more of Kawhi Leonard for SDSU.  I’ll admit, I’ve only seen SDSU play two halves in two different games this season.  Oh, and my mom picked Ohio over Georgetown.  Now THAT’S an upset.

10:00: Pondexter!!  He banks it in to give Washington a two-point lead!!

10:05: Marquette goes down!!  Someone should call the Big East and tell them the tournament starts today…

10:10: Did you hear that??  Ari Stewart shot that three for Wake, and when it was halfway there he told his man, “Another one!!”   And it went in.  Love it.

10:22: HOLY COW, Steve Fisher!  What’s with the red face??!?  Man, take an aspirin before you go soak up the rays, man!  Or take your blood pressure man.  Wow!

10:33: This just in: Kawhi Leonard is a man.  Seriously, he’s everywhere.  Scoring, rebounds, changes opponents’ shots on defense…the only negative is that he’s taken a couple of bad shots, and UT is still up six with less than 3 minutes left.

10:43: Hager: I agree.  I can’t believe…it’s JUST DAY ONE.

10:47: Am I the only one who gets that?  Steven Pearl’s gonna go get the papers, get the papers.  Oh well.  I might have to retire that.

10:55:  I have no dog in the fight, but if Lehigh beats Kansas, I pledge the following: I will enroll at Lehigh, major in Physics, and audit all the courses and NOT take a degree.  And I’m way too old for college.

11:05: Does anyone think New Mexico looks a little uninterested?  I can understand their concern for their star Darington Hobson who went out with a wrist injury pretty early…but they’re a three.  They have to be ready to go even — or maybe especially — if their star goes down.

11:19: Kawhi Leonard is going to have to take over for SDSU if they’re going to keep this close.  Tennessee isn’t playing really great basketball — definitely a 6-seed looking to coast and do the bare minimum.  But they’re still managing to keep a lead.

11:30: Anyone else amazed by Texas’ total lack of interest?  I know…it’s a fad to talk about how bad Texas is and what they’ve become.  But I really thought we’d see an improved UT team once the NCAA started.  I thought they’d realize what amatch-up problem they’d be for Kentucky, and play with more gusto.  I think this proves that this team was lost by their coach.  Something happened after that first loss that caused them to lose faith in Rick Barnes.  They may still pull this game against Wake out, but I’m still amazed at the fall.

11:59: SDSU has just been hurt and then benefitted from two pretty worthless calls.  Again, Kawhi Leonard needs to show us some killer instinct, and take over.  I think he has the ability, but we need to see the desire kick in right now.

12:03 AM Friday: Hi, Steve Fisher?  Orville Reddenbacher called…

12:05: Man, I turn away from Wake-Texas for five seconds and we have a tie game!  We have two more games inside of twelve seconds that are one-possession games.  I CAN’T BELIEVE this day of games.

12:10: Matt:  Oh, absolutely.  Especially in the last 4-5 minutes.  D.J Gay has OWNED Bobby Maze.

12:12: OVERTIME at Wake/Texas!  I’m telling you, Kentucky gets either Wake Forest, who has the only person in the nation quicker with the ball than John Wall (I’m not kidding) in Ish Smith, OR, they get Texas, and I don’t know who on UK’s team will guard Damion James.  They’ll be favored over either, and with good reason.  But tough match-ups on BOTH sides for the Wildcats.

12:22: In the final minute of OT, Tony Woods with the SLAM put-back to make it four.  Texas is going to have to screw up to lose this one.  Up four, though J’Covan Brown just missed two FTs at 89% on the year…

12:27: Ari Stewart with a three!  That makes it one point and only 15 seconds left.  Here we go…

12:33: ISH SMITH COME UP BIG for Wake Forest!!!! WOW!  An unfortunately fitting end to the Longhorns’ season.  But again….I CANNOT BELIEVE this day of games.  Absolutely, positively, the best first day ever.  And tomorrow?  SIXTEEN MORE TEAMS.  And we get Gus Johnson!!!

12:46: Gotta hit that lay-up, Montana.  Or kick out for a three, since that’s what you needed.  Five point lead with 13.5 seconds left for NM.

12:49: New Mexico survives, and the most amazing first day in NCAA Tournament history comes to an end.

12:51: But…have no fear, folks.  We’ll be back tomorrow with another version, and we’re still deciding when to start it.  It’ll either be an early start around noon, or more toward the evening like today’s version of BGTD.  More info on that to come in the next few hours.  As for now, get some rest, because we have 16 more games tomorrow!  Check out the site for game summaries and our takes as usual.  And of course for the next version of BGTD.  Thanks to all the commenters tonight.  We appreciate your participation, and it’s one of the reasons we do these.  Hope to see you tomorrow and/or down the line.  Later!

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16 responses to “Boom Goes The Dynamite: First Round 03.18.10 Edition”

  1. Sadly, I’m going to miss most of this because I’m going to my grandmother’s house and then I have a fantasy baseball draft to do. I’ll still watch the games, just not the blog.

    Side note: CoverItLive is where it’s at.

  2. In my defense, this was the only time that all of us would be free.

    UTEP disappointed quite a bit, but the game wasn’t on here. (Damn you, Dr. Phil.) Butler’s interior defense always surprises me, especially given the foul problems Matt Howard always seems to find himself in during big games.

  3. PrettyPaula says:

    G’Town is killing me right now. They need to defend a lot better.

  4. matt says:

    Right now I’m watching little Ohio handle G-town with lights-out 3-point shooting and wondering: Have you ever heard someone say the NCAA Tournament should get rid of automatic bids from smaller conferences? If you happen to know someone who believes this, please tell them to never say that again, lol. These little guys can hang, and just goes to show you that massive expansion would completely ruin the first round.

  5. matt says:

    And I’m totally regretting my G-town over Ohio State pick at this point, but Murray State came through for me!

  6. matt says:

    You can the bounces aren’t going UNLV’s way. UNI’s point guard is crafty as hell, too.

  7. Andrew says:

    If Gtown somehow wins this game, I’m walking home (nevermind the fact that I’m sitting on my couch).

  8. matt says:

    If you lost to Rutgers, you could lose to anyone.

  9. matt says:

    How is Faroukhmanesh left wide open? Still, what range!

  10. Andrew says:

    How did this team finish 9th in the MAC? I know the MAC eats its children, but this is ridiculous.

  11. Andrew says:

    Big East: 1-3 on the day, and that 1 wasn’t too impressive either…

  12. Thager says:

    This could go down as the best NCAA tournament of all time if it keeps this up!!!

  13. matt says:

    I keep thinking Vols will run away but there just not that good.

  14. matt says:

    Gay is schooling Maze right now.

  15. Andrew says:

    Goes to show, I think Kentucky will absolutely destroy either of these teams… Not quite ETSU-style destroy, but close…

  16. DMoore says:

    I can’t wait to see Wake’s Chas McFarland try to get DeMarcus Cousins thrown out of the game. No one else in college today can get under an opponent’s skin like he can.

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