RTC Midweek Seed Update: 02.11.10

Posted by zhayes9 on February 11th, 2010

As the season winds closer to a conclusion and Selection Sunday approaches, a bracket snapshot each Monday just doesn’t quite seem adequate. From now until the end of the year, we’ll be providing a mid-week seed update that outlines where each team inside and just outside the field of 65 currently stands along with reasoning why certain teams changed seed number since the previous Monday. Enjoy our first edition:

(Note: each of the four teams in one seed grouping is listed in pecking order in terms of who is closer to moving up a seed line. This is used to determine game location and matchups similar to Joe Lunardi’s S-Curve listing).

Automatic bids listed in italics.

#1 seeds: Kansas, Syracuse, Villanova, Kentucky

#2 seeds: Georgetown, Duke, Purdue, West Virginia

#3 seeds: Kansas State, Michigan State, New Mexico, Wisconsin

#4 seeds: Texas, Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, Ohio State

#5 seeds: BYU, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Tennessee

#6 seeds: Northern Iowa, Temple, Butler, Texas A&M

#7 seeds: UNLV, Baylor, Richmond, Georgia Tech

#8 seeds: Missouri, Xavier, Rhode Island, Maryland

#9 seeds: Florida State, Cornell, UAB, Dayton

#10 seeds: Charlotte, Clemson, Saint Mary’s, Illinois

#11 seeds: Mississippi, California, Siena, Oklahoma State

#12 seeds: Florida, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion, UTEP

#13 seeds: Northeastern, New Mexico State, Kent State, Oakland

#14 seeds: Murray State, Charleston, Weber State, Sam Houston State

#15 seeds: Coastal Carolina, Arkansas State, UC-Santa Barbara, Morgan State

#16 seeds: Robert Morris, Lipscomb, Navy, Stony Brook, Jackson State

More analysis after the jump…

New additions: Old Dominion, UC-Santa Barbara, Navy

Dropped out: Marquette, Pacific, Lehigh

Last four in: Florida, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State

Last four out: Marquette, Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida

Next four out: Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Washington, Mississippi State

Bids per conference: ACC (7), Big 12 (7), Atlantic 10 (6), Big East (5), SEC (5), Big 10 (5), MWC (3), Conference USA (2), WCC (2).

  • Purdue winning at Michigan State on Tuesday means the Boilermakers flip-flop with the Spartans and earn a #2 seed. Michigan State falls one line to a #3 seed. West Virginia hangs on behind strong computer numbers and have more RPI top 100 wins than Kansas State.
  • New Mexico is establishing themselves as a legitimate #3 seed in the West region after their road win late Wednesday night at UNLV. They switch places with Wisconsin in the pecking order. Despite the loss to Illinois, the Badgers still have a better overall resume than any of the #4 seeds. Illinois benefits by moving closer and closer to being considered a definite NCAA team.
  • Vanderbilt’s resume really stuck out to me as impressive. Their destruction of Tennessee moves the Commodores all the way to a #4 seed while the Vols drop to a #5 seed.
  • Texas A&M keeps moving up seed lines and are now up to a #6 seed.
  • Richmond’s huge win at Rhode Island switched the Spiders and Rams. Charlotte and Dayton also switched places after the Flyers win Wednesday night.

The last few teams in/out:

Old Dominion: 19-7 (11-3), 36 RPI, 75 SOS, 15 non-conf SOS, 2-3 vs. RPI top 50, 6-6 vs. RPI top 100

Florida: 17-7 (6-4), 60 RPI, 88 SOS, 221 non-conf SOS, 2-5 vs. RPI top 50, 6-6 vs. RPI top 100

Marquette: 15-8 (6-5), 66 RPI, 62 SOS, 224 non-conf SOS, 2-6 vs. RPI top 50, 3-6 vs. RPI top 100

Cincinnati: 14-9 (5-6), 50 RPI, 29 SOS, 67 non-conf SOS, 3-6 vs. RPI top 50, 5-9 vs. RPI top 100

Louisville: 15-8 (6-4), 42 RPI, 6 SOS, 19 non-conf SOS, 1-6 vs. RPI top 50, 4-7 vs. RPI top 100

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3 responses to “RTC Midweek Seed Update: 02.11.10”

  1. David Hess says:

    So the first FIVE out are all from the Big East? Yikes, imagine the outcry is that were to happen.

  2. zhayes9 says:

    Yeah, it’s weird and will certainly change by Monday. At this specific day that’s how I have it. Remember, conference affiliation isn’t a consideration by the committee in terms of # of teams that get in.

  3. Andrew says:

    At this point I see Marquette in, Louisville just out, Cincinnati a couple spots back, South Florida climbing but a lot of work to do, and Notre Dame not even remotely in the conversation.

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