Tiny Gallon’s Not-So-Tiny Hello to America

Posted by rtmsf on January 2nd, 2010

Oklahoma hasn’t been all that impressive this year, so there hasn’t been a lot of hype for their talented corps of freshmen — Steven Pledger, Andrew Fitzgerald, Tommy Mason-Griffin and Tiny Gallon.  The 6’9, 300-lb Gallon has been particularly impressive, averaging 12/9 while shooting 60% from the field in thirteen games this season.  It was one of his few misses, though, that made his Q rating jump off the charts overnight.  From last night’s OU game against Gonzaga…

That’s just nuts.  It didn’t even look like he put his full body weight into it.

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One response to “Tiny Gallon’s Not-So-Tiny Hello to America”

  1. Ronald says:

    Tiny would be a whole lot more impressive if the guards would learn how to pass the ball on the pick and roll!!!!!

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