RTC Top 25: Week 8

Posted by zhayes9 on December 29th, 2009

Here’s this week’s Top 25, and you might be surprised as a new #1 takes over even though the top six all won last week.  Analysis after the jump…

QnD Analysis.

  • A New #1 Emerges. Looks like Texas has finally done enough to convince two pollsters to pull the old switcharoo with the Big 12 rivals. Due to Kansas‘ lack of quality wins and impressive showings by the Longhorns against North Carolina and Michigan State in a matter of four days, it’s Texas replacing Kansas atop our poll. Still, the margin was razor thin and Kansas can do plenty to persuade us that they deserve to be #1 with a thorough beating at Temple on Saturday.
  • In n’ Out. Four teams made their way into this week’s poll — Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, UAB and Ohio State. Looks like Mississippi State is on the right track after slipping up twice early in the season. Georgia Tech certainly has the talent level to be a top 25 team, but three of our pollsters remain unconvinced. UAB rides an 11-1 mark and quality wins over Cincinnati and Butler to make their top 25 debut. And Ohio State appears to have done enough even without Evan Turner to warrant a spot. Butler, Texas A&M, Xavier and UNLV all dropped out of the poll.
  • Variance.  There was less variance in this week’s poll than any other this season, evident by unanimous agreement on the ranking of Purdue, Duke and Villanova in the top ten. Again, Georgia Tech is a bit of a mystery, as they made their way into the poll by one #16 ranking while the other three have them out altogether. We also seem split on how harshly to penalize Florida for losing three straight games to Syracuse, Richmond and South Alabama. Tennessee remains in the middle of the pack anywhere from #12 to #19.
  • Conference CallBig East (5), SEC (5), Big 12 (4), ACC (4), Big 10 (3), A10 (1), Mountain West (1), Pac-10 (1), Conference USA (1).
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