Morning Five: 12.14.09 Edition

Posted by rtmsf on December 14th, 2009


  1. We didn’t talk about this in the ATB, but it’s also worth mentioning here.  UTEP got the services of the much-maligned and well-traveled Derrick Caracter over the weekend for the first time, and the previously unbeaten Miners immediately dropped their next game, 87-80 to New Mexico State.  Caracter only played 12 minutes, and he contributed 2 pts, 2 rebs and 2 assts in his time on the court, but head coach Tony Barbee will work him into the lineup slowly over the next few weeks.
  2. Mike DeCourcy takes a look ahead at test games later this week for #1 Kansas and #2 Texas, neither of whom have really been tested yet.
  3. Here’s several good reasons why we should all proceed with caution on anointing Georgetown a top contender in the Big East just yet.  It’s all true, but our contention is that Georgetown’s primary two issues were poor team chemistry and acceptance of losing in a loaded conference last year.  The snowball effect, if you will.  The primary issue the Hoyas appear to face this year will be depth, as JT3 is only playing seven guys so far this season.  One injury among the starters could devastate this team.
  4. “The Players Rushed the Fans!” There will be much more written on this game in the next 24 hours — you can count on it — but here’s Pat Forde’s take on the inimitable Crosstown Shootout from last night.  Good to have him back from football.
  5. We mentioned this over on the weekend ATB, but it’s too bizarre not to discuss here as well.  If you haven’t heard, Roy Williams had a Presbyterian fan thrown out of the Dean Dome on Saturday night for heckling one of his players.  So what was the out-of-control foul-mouthed POS guilty of saying?  Um, according to a published report, something to the effect of “You’re going to miss it, Deon [Thompson]!”  They say that suppression of dissent is one of the first steps toward totalitarianism, and in a showing of power drunkenness that would make even Dick Cheney blush, Roy has taken his standing to show up someone with whom he merely disagrees to an entirely new level.  As he put it in the postgame comments, he doesn’t believe that “anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game.”  EXCUSE ME??  The last time we checked, Roy, a Presbyterian fan has just as much right to purchase a ducat to ‘his’ team’s game as a UNC fan does.  And that fan can yell for his players or against the UNC players as much as he likes (standard decency and decorum implied).  So we wonder – does the Roy Doctrine now mean that UNC fans are excused from yelling much, much worse at opposing players who visit the Dome just because it’s ‘their’ game?  Is he serious with this nonsense?  Roy couldn’t have whiffed any harder on this one, and if he has any shred of decency, he’ll reach out to this fan, apologize for his completely ludicrous overreaction and invite the fan back to the Dean Dome to sit in his personal seats.  And you know what — it’s perfectly fine if he yells at Deon Thompson to miss a free throw, even then.

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4 responses to “Morning Five: 12.14.09 Edition”

  1. Eric says:

    You need to go back and re-read Wiederer’s post. The guy was intoxicated and likely didn’t have a ticket to sit in that seat. Did anyone think that perhaps his intoxication was bothering the fans around him and the players on the bench? Perhaps Roy’s wife was sitting nearby, or his granddaughter? Was there vulgarity used in the taunt that caught Roy’s ear?

  2. rtmsf says:

    Eric – this is the post you’re referring to, right?,-asks-everyone-else-to

    You may want to re-read it yourself, actually, b/c Wiederer in no way backs off his criticism of Roy’s hypersensitivity in this incident.

    Your speculation is just that, speculation, and the fact that you’re taking an after-the-fact explanation by the school’s SID at face value shows that you’re not even attempting to be objective here.

    The fan _may_ have been intoxicated? Is that the new standard in the Roy Doctrine? Well, let’s just go through and give a Breathalyzer to every UNC fan in the building on a Saturday night, shall we? Or does this standard only apply to opposing fans who yell at a player to miss a FT in the Dean Dome? And how would Roy know that from 20 rows away?

    Did you read the player comments? Even they knew that it was over the line in terms of normalcy.

    And since when is it Roy’s job to go around policing who sits where – doesn’t he have a team to coach? Alleged vulgarity? Where/when is the evidence of that? The article clearly states that there’s no evidence of that.

    Let’s be serious here. Roy overreacted, and he knows it.

  3. william says:

    Yeah I agree it just looks bad by Roy. Just a dumb, indefensible move. The “he was intoxicated”excuse is just dumb.

    Did Roy smell his breath from the court and decide to do everyone a service by having hi removed? Come on people, I know you love your coach (and you should) but there is no excuse for Roy’s megalomaniac like behavior.

    Roy has always been controlling (as are most coaches) but this just goes too far.

  4. Rick Thompson says:

    ‘Run it up Roy’ got his concentration interrupted and got mad. He was tryng to figure out how to win by 100.

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