Morning Five: 11.17.09 Edition

Posted by rtmsf on November 17th, 2009


  1. Isiah Complains About Class; Fans of Irony Celebrate.  We touched on this this in yesterday’s recap of Tulsa-FIU, but the national media caught up with it today in several different places and we wanted to give our take.  Our correspondent Eli Linton was at the game and witnessed the entire mixup right in front of him on press row.  Here is his recounting of the incident:  the trouble started in the second half when Tulsa continued to play a ball-denial defense on the perimeter, and kept  their starters in. At first Isiah tried to send subtle signals to the bench (e.g., a glare during timeouts), but at about the ten minute mark he called a TO and looked to the opposite bench, obviously ticked off, raising both hands palms up and staring at TU bench.  A couple of minutes later Tulsa coach Doug Wojcik subbed in Ben Uzoh while continuing to play Jerome Jordan, putting his two best players on the floor at once with a huge lead. Thomas called a TO right away and shouted at the TU bench, “No class, No class!” and that was all for the outbursts. TU subbed out Jordan and started to lay off on defense after that point. After the game in the press conference, Thomas was all smiles and had nothing negative to say about TU of Wojcik, and he even showed an interest to invite Tulsa to play FIU next year in Florida.
  2. It’s already started, but The Sporting Blog lists its top ten things to watch for in the ESPN 24 Hours of Hoops Marathon.  Are you taking work off today for this?  No?   And you call yourself a real fan…
  3. Keep him in!  Duquesne guard Melquan Bolding will be out 4-6 weeks with a broken wrist that he suffered in last Friday’s game against Nicholls State.  Why is this newsworthy?  Well, he only scored a career-high 25 pts in the game, even though he broke the wrist in the first five minutes.
  4. As you know, we’re getting into the heart of the holiday tournament season (or “The Unveiling,” as he calls it), and Luke Winn does his best to break down these tournaments which we’re sure you’ll all be watching over the next two weeks.
  5. BiaH: we like it.  Keep ’em coming.
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