RTC Top 25: Preseason Edition

Posted by rtmsf on November 9th, 2009


You’ve undoubtedly been tracking our Tweeting the Preview series over the last two weeks.  Well, we just finished it up with Kansas coming in at the #1 spot, so now it’s time for us to tell you how we got there with our Preseason Top 25.  The four primary writers/editors here at RTC are voting for our weekly rankings, and in the interest of transparency we’ll put each of our ballots on the site every week.  If you disagree, let us know about it in the comments and we’ll try to address your points in kind.  This will also be where we post our weekly ballot for the Blogpoll, which will presumably begin later this month.

rtc top 25 - preseason 09-10

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One response to “RTC Top 25: Preseason Edition”

  1. Willie says:

    Yikes…Purdue at 4? Over Texas? Wow.

    I’m not sure if I would put Purdue above Nova, UNC either. I like Hummel a lot but I don’t think they have the talent on that roster to be a top 5 team.

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