Buzz: Binghamton and Kansas Can’t Stay Out of the Headlines

Posted by nvr1983 on October 7th, 2009

I thought I had heard the last of these two teams for a while (ok, I figured I would hear something about Kansas being pretty good this year),  but it turns out I was wrong.

By now you have all heard about how Binghamton has been reduced to holding open tryouts. Unfortunately, the Bearcats had to cancel the tryout because it may have violated NCAA rules by having too many players involved for a session this early although the specific bylaw is somewhat vague as to the number of players that can be involved in a practice this early in the year. In other Binghamton news, retired New York Chief Judge Judith Kaye will be in charge of the independent counsel investigating the Binghamton athletic program. For more on Kaye, check out the brief profile The New Yorker did on her last year (or her official bio).

Meanwhile on the other end of the college basketball spectrum, Kansas coach Bill Self might want to consider getting his team chauffeurs (see Brady Morningstar) as Markieff Morris (yeah, the same guy who was involved in the Tyshawn Taylor fiasco) was involved in a two-car accident last month. Normally the accident wouldn’t have been a story except that the police report stated that the car was registered under former Jayhawk “star” Scot Pollard. Given the recent indiscretions of the Jayhawk basketball program this had the potential to turn into another media frenzy (and might actually draw some attention from the NCAA), but that quickly died down when Pollard and Kansas athletic department issued statements saying that Morris had borrowed the car from Taylor who bought the car from Pollard a month before in a sale that was approved by the school’s compliance department.

Once again we will ask the question: When do the games start?

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2 responses to “Buzz: Binghamton and Kansas Can’t Stay Out of the Headlines”

  1. Dave R says:

    The Kansas incident you bring up actually happened almost 1 month ago, and not within 24 hours of Brady Morningstar’s DWI. I believe the article states that the accident occurred Sept 13. This would even be before the infamous fights.

  2. nvr1983 says:

    Dave R–
    Thanks for spotting that. It has been corrected. I think I used the date that the check was sent as the accident date instead of the actual date of the accident.

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