Maryland HS Star Decides To Go To Maryland?!?

Posted by nvr1983 on April 24th, 2009

We have mentioned Gary Williams and his struggles to keep his Maryland program relevant since Juan Dixon left College Park, Maryland, but it looks like he might he temporarily fixed one of the many problems with a commitment from Terrence Ross, a 2010 recruit from Montrose Christian (same high school as Kevin Durant) in Maryland. Ross is a 6’5″ SG who transferred to Montrose from Portland, OR before his junior year. Even though he only averaged 13.5 PPG this year (partly attributable to playing alongside Mouphtaou Yarou, a senior who is ranked 10th in Rivals Top 150), he is a 4-star recruit who is ranked 31st in his class by Rivals with some ridiculous athleticism (see below).

Keeping an in-state star might not seem like a big deal to most people (especially when you’re the only legit program in the state), but it is from Williams who has lost a bevy of stars (Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, and Ty Lawson) to out-of-state programs in recent years as well as the aforementioned Yarou, who signed with Villanova. While this might not necessarily mean that Williams has righted the Terrapin ship, it is certainly a very good start.

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3 responses to “Maryland HS Star Decides To Go To Maryland?!?”

  1. Clark says:

    Good grief…here’s the truth on why those kids didn’t come to Maryland:

    Kevin Durant’s parents wanted him to go away from school, Michael Beasley went where his AAU coach went (the guy got a $400,000/year job as an assistant at K-State), other guys from the same AAU program went there too as a result, Ty Lawson wanted to go to UNC, Mouphtaou Yarou may go to HS in Maryland but he’s hardly a local kid that grew up in the state. Yeesh.

    And relevant since Juan Dixon left? Hmmm, haven’t missed post season play once, hasn’t had a losing season.

    Careful, your agenda is showing.

  2. nvr1983 says:

    No agendas here (just like we don’t have an anti-Duke or anti-UNC agenda despite what people think). The Beasley case is special obviously because of how shady the arrangement was, but the other 3 are ridiculous especially Lawson. If he is a local guy, doesn’t the fact that he wants to go to UNC (kind of obvious since he did go there) instead of a local power say something about Maryland’s program. If Williams was doing his job correctly he would at least have assistants working the Montrose Christian people.

    I guess the relevance depends on your standards. I would consider relevant competing for national titles or at least making it to the 2nd weekend of the NCAA tournament, which they have only done once since Dixon left (the very next year). The fact that you are making a claim that saying a NIT bid makes you relevant is even more ridiculous.

    I think you may be the one with the agenda.

  3. neilballofrubber says:

    Only legit program in the state? Is that why they lost to an in-state school?

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