Ty Lawson Would Like to Put $25 on the Five, Mr. Croupier…

Posted by rtmsf on April 3rd, 2009

Somebody call MJ.  We may have found him a gambling buddy.


Tar Heel point guard Ty Lawson’s Big Toe may have arrived in Detroit Wednesday, but within hours of arrival, he’d already made his way down to the Greektown Casino and won himself $250 at the craps tables. From the AP report:

“We got in last night, and Coach (Roy Williams) gave us a curfew of 1:30,” Lawson said when asked if he had visited any casinos. “I went over to Greektown and won about $250. So I already had my time there. It’s probably the last time I go there before the games start.”  Lawson said he played only craps and earned his winnings in about an hour.  “The only time I lost was in Reno; that’s when everybody on the team lost,” he said. “It’s the only place I lost. The other five or six times I did gamble, I won at least $500.”  Team spokesman Steve Kirschner said the 21-year-old is legally of age to visit a casino.

Far be it from us to disparage a guy who clearly has this gambling thing figured out already.  The important part is that he’s a winner, and a winner always wins, no matter how far down you get.  Right, Mr. Mahowny Lawson?

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3 responses to “Ty Lawson Would Like to Put $25 on the Five, Mr. Croupier…”

  1. Ha ha, the least you could do is change the headline to reflect that it was craps, not roulette.

    How about “$24 on the 6 and 8, dealer” — makes more sense, and it’s the lowest-house edge bet in craps that you’d need to ask the dealer to place for you.

  2. rtmsf says:

    Pete – it was a tongue in cheek reference to Lawson being a gambling knave and betting his jersey number at craps. Guess it didn’t come across. Oh well.

  3. haha… I do like the jersey number reference. Didn’t hit me at first!

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