Play RTC Bracket Nonsense: Win a Detroit-Made Jalopy

Posted by rtmsf on March 15th, 2009

As you might have heard, it’s Selection Sunday around these parts.  That means all kinds of Bracket ridiculousness is about to begin.  We’re shameless lemmings like all the rest, so naturally we’re going to join in on the fun n’ games by offering up our version of Bracket Nonsense where you can watch your F4 sleeper go down in flames  in round two while your little sister’s best friend who makes picks based on “hot-sounding” player names nails seven of the elite eight.

Of course, RTC’s readers are the best and the brightest of the hoops cognoscenti, so we don’t expect that to happen to anyone over here.  Here’s the information:

Name: RTC Bracket Nonsense
Group ID#: 90571 (there is no password)

Nevertheless, we want everyone to play our Bracket Nonsense game because of the tremendous thought and effort that went into this year’s prizes.  Given that the ultimate college basketball prize is Detroit this year, we searched… no… scoured Ebay and Craigslist to locate a $1 Motor City foreclosure property that we could offer to the winner as the ultimate grand prize Final Four vacation destination, to be enjoyed for years after the F4 (and all other forms of life) leaves town!!

We Tried to Get You One of These
We Tried to Get You One of These

Alas, demand outstrips supply at that bargain price and the economy is tough on everyone, so the best we could find were $1,000 homes, which is a little too rich for RTC’s bottom line at this point.  Our next thought was to offer a burned-out car as the grand prize (after all, the logo itself is a flaming tire), but we were reminded by some of our Eastern friends that such a symbol of urban decay is really more endemic to Philly than D-town.  After some hard thinking, we realized that was correct.

So what’s left?  Well, fair readers, given that the Final Four will be played in the Motor City, we thought maybe our readers would be in a patriotic mood to assist the  purveyors of American transport known as the Big Three by driving away in one of their fine models from yesteryear.  Because nothing says American know-how like a 1970 Chevy Impala, right?  That’s right, you’ll get this junker, totally free and clear, as the grand prize.  For second prize, we’ll allow you to make a post telling us everything we do wrong on this site (actually might be the better prize, come to think of it).


Play now, play often, play RTC Bracket Nonsense.  Best of luck.

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7 responses to “Play RTC Bracket Nonsense: Win a Detroit-Made Jalopy”

  1. Annamal says:

    Best prize ever.

  2. Jumpin' Johnny G says:

    This is just BULL SHIRT posting the low points of Detroit. This is a racist move on your part. You should be ashamed.

    That has nothing to do about basketball or the state of Michigan.

  3. nvr1983 says:

    I’m not sure what about this post is racist. Sure it takes unnecessary shots at Detroit, but it’s hardly something to be ashamed of. People are just becoming way too PC. If we did a post complimenting Detroit, you would probably whine about how the money for the Final 4 should be diverted to something more useful like welfare or education. Some people just need to grow a spine and get used to commentary or just live in a cave or some hippie hostel to avoid anything that may offend them.

  4. Ryan says:

    NVR, you’re basically right about all of this bellyaching, people do need to take a chill pill.

    But this is far from commentary and you know it.

  5. rtmsf says:

    Ryan – interested to know what it is if its not commentary? Are we not allowed to make light of urban decay?

    There are plenty of cities that are on our list of targets; it just happens that they’re not hosting the F4 this year.

    And you really can win the car. Seriously. Title and everything.

  6. nvr1983 says:

    I’ll agree that rtmsf does have an unhealthy obsession with Detroit, but there is absolutely nothing racist in that post.

    Are they unnecessary shots at Detroit? Yes.

    Is it any different than what people in Ann Arbor do? No. I was there in November and the people there rip on Detroit all the time.

    Is there anything in the post that a reasonable person would consider so offensive that it’s worth getting worked up about? No. I would say that Bill Simmons (rtmsf’s idol) does the same thing for plenty of cities including pre-Katrina New Orleans. If you want to defend your city, go for it, but go above the tired attacks of claiming “racism” for every little thing.

  7. Annamal says:

    Totally agree w/ nvr1983. People need to take a chill pill. Can’t deny the facts. Detroit is known for its auto makers and its not so well-to-do areas. SO sick of this PC “shirt” as Jumpin Johnny would say. Have a sense of humor people. This prize is hilarious.

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