03.05.09 Fast Breaks

Posted by rtmsf on March 5th, 2009

Just another night of highly ranked teams playing as if they don’t want to be a high seed. However, I am always on top of my game and I bring 110% to the Fast Breaks everyday. So sit back, relax, and let me do the work for you.

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3 responses to “03.05.09 Fast Breaks”

  1. ohiobasketball says:

    Been reading the blog for sometime now – some interesting stuff!

    I particularly enjoyed the article, or shall I say argument written by Gary Parish. I share some of his frustration – to watch Bubble Teams, day after day, lose games that they should win and then cry to the media when they are not given a bid to the Big Dance.

    Although I share some of Parrish’s frustration, they should absolutely NOT decrease tournament bids to 32 teams. It does not make sense financially, for the game of college basketball, or for the fans of college baketball. March Madness has grown into arguably the country’s most exciting sports event largely in part to these teams that Parrish says do not deserve to make the tournament.

    To eliminate these teams from the tournament, would also eliminate many of the climatic moments delivered by these teams in the first few weeks of the tournament. Everybody loves the Underdog, and the NCAA tournament has created the best opportunity in sports for the Underdog to flourish and be praised.

  2. Ryan says:

    To add on to what ohiobasketball stated, we all know the best part of the tourney is the first two days. Eliminating all those teams would take that all away.

  3. Jameson says:

    I think Gary was just using the idea of cutting the tournament down to make a point. I wouldn’t take it literally. It was his way of saying there’s at most 32 teams that are good enough to be allowed to play for a title.

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