Those Silly Murland Kids…

Posted by rtmsf on March 4th, 2009

The College Humor guys showed up at halftime of the Maryland-Wake Forest game last night, and all kinds of hysterical heck broke loose!

Here’s their version, and here’s a clip from the stands…  what makes it funnier is that the fans don’t realize that the “Maryland student” really isn’t. 

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3 responses to “Those Silly Murland Kids…”

  1. rtmsf says:

    We’re not saying that the fans weren’t in on the prank itself, but it doesn’t seem that the fans were aware that the guy shooting the shot wasn’t some random dude from Maryland. As the second clip shows, someone asks if the guy was a Maryland student. He wasn’t. He’s part of the prank (although it remains to be seen whether he knew it or not).

  2. Drew says:

    The actual video on CollegeHumor is hilarious.

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