Digger Digs those California Girls…

Posted by rtmsf on March 2nd, 2009

(h/t Bruins Nation via Deadspin)

Clearly this was the tune streaming through Digger’s swiss-cheesed head throughout…

The west coast has the sunshine
And the girls all get so tanned
I dig a french bikini on hawaii island
Dolls by a palm tree in the sand

I been all around this great big world
And I seen all kinds of girls
Yeah, but I couldnt wait to get back in the states
Back to the cutest girls in the world

I wish they all could be california
I wish they all could be california
I wish they all could be california girls

rtmsf (3954 Posts)

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4 responses to “Digger Digs those California Girls…”

  1. Annamal says:

    That is just disturbing. Don’t ever show that again.

  2. Jameson says:

    So when I go to the Big East tournament will the rest of the press hate me if my friends on the SU dance team start dancing with me?!?!?! Or since Digger did it, there’s a precedent and its ok?

  3. rtmsf says:

    C’mon Jameson. Standing near (within 50 feet) the SU dancers doesn’t exactly count. :-)

  4. Jameson says:


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