Ken Mink no habla espanol…

Posted by rtmsf on February 22nd, 2009

College kids today… they just don’t take their schoolwork seriously.  Especially ones that haven’t taken a class in over fifty years.

(photo credit: Roane State College)

(photo credit: Roane State College)

Ken Mink, the septuagenarian who couldn’t be slowed by the ticking clock with respect to stepping on the basketball court and competing with players one-quarter his age, was declared ineligible by the National JuCo Athletics Association (NJCAA) due to a pesky Spanish class that he needed to pass.  From the FoxSports report:

Fearing he might fail the Spanish class, Mink said he enrolled in a Sociology class on another campus, hoping that a passing grade there would give him the credits he needed to retain his eligibility. But that class was apparently completed too late to apply to the semester in question.  “This is not an academic issue, it’s an administrative issue,” Mink wrote in an email to the News Sentinel on Friday. “… the NJCAA is ruling me ineligible because the NJCAA contends Roane State did not follow administrative procedures in restoring my eligibility after the NJCAA had questioned whether or not one of my courses was completed within the fall semester.  “Coach Nesbit supplied the NJCAA all the documentation proving my academic eligibility. Coach Nesbit knew I had met the requirements and restored me for play, but the NJCAA has contended the coach (or school) had not checked with the NJCAA a second time before restoring me to play.”

In what is becoming standard Mink-speak, it wasn’t his fault!  Recall that the given reason Mink was kicked off of his Lees (KY) Junior College team in 1956 was that he was falsely accused of spraying the coach’s office with shaving cream.  Fortunately for Mink’s version of this story, the aggrieved coach and his teammates are no longer alive or competent to answer questions.  Now we’re hearing from Mink that it wasn’t the fact that he failed Spanish class, it was that there was an administrative problem with his eligibility.  Somehow we’re having more and more trouble believing that Mink wasn’t involved as the evil mastermind behind the shaving cream incident a half-century ago.

What’s all this mean?  Well, Roane St. will have to forfeit a game from Feb. 7 against Hiwassee where he played and scored two points.  Given all these administrative headaches and public attention, maybe he should just shut it down and declare for the NBA Draft.

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5 responses to “Ken Mink no habla espanol…”

  1. PF says:

    It’s hard to believe Mink’s story since he’s known for hanging around guys like Eddie Dane and Bernie Birnbaum, aka The Schmadda Kid. He should take his flunkies and dangle.

  2. DY says:

    Nice PF, really nice. Too bad out of all the people in the world who’d get that only 4 read this blog. I’ll take me hat and go now.

  3. KZ says:

    How could that Mink braniac not pass spanish? Once a knucklehead, always a knucklehead??

  4. Ace says:

    Goddamn kid’s just like a twist.

  5. ET says:

    A 73 year old man is having trouble learning a foreign language? Why is this surprising to anyone?

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