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Posted by rtmsf on February 11th, 2009

Hello again, everybody, and welcome to our new home, rushthecourt.net!

This was a long overdue move, but thanks to the encouragement of several of our correspondents, the fine folks at Fantasy Sports Ventures and affiliates, as well as technical assistance from The Blog Doctor, we consider ourselves to be all growed up and ready to take on the interwebs sans our security blanket known as wordpress.com.

That is, until you guys crash the site when we put up another ridiculous Ugly Floors post.

Shirt/Tie or Pants?  You Choose.

Shirt/Tie or Pants? You Choose.

Seriously, though, we like to think of ourselves as a legitimate source of college hoops analysis and commentary, so we figured it was time to start acting like one.  So we’re suiting up (ok, maybe not a suit/tie combo, but we’ll consider a dress shirt, unbuttoned at the collar) and we’re ready to move into the extended adolescence of this joint.

And if you can find the old site, you can find this one, because, well, you should have been re-directed here.  Go ahead, try it.

Not much else has changed other than the fact we’re now affiliated with FSV, who will provide RTC an opportunity to network within their vast cache of sites and blogs to improve our daily content around here for you, the readers.   Take a look at some of the names on their affiliate list and you’ll see why this was an easy decision for us.

So whether this is your first time to RTC or you’re a long-time reader, we welcome you to our new home like Greg Paulus defending in the paint – with open arms and nary a hint of resistance.

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2 responses to “Welcome to RTC.net!”

  1. Air Obama says:

    This is Awesome ! Congratulation on the upgrade.

    The “.Net” top-level-domain is a nice touch, considering the site is all about Hoops ;)

  2. Schlock G says:

    Big fan of the site. I don’t make a wager without reading your Tivo’s post.
    You guys definitely know your stuff.

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