Excuse Me, Mr. Referee, A Word With You, Sir…

Posted by rtmsf on January 18th, 2009

One of the most bizarre incidents of the last few years occurred during tonight’s Providence-Marquette game, when PC’s Jeff Xavier was inadvertantly scraped across the face during a drive to the hoop causing him to hit the floor holding his face and writhing in pain.  After Xavier was assisted to his bench and while his teammate Geoff McDermott was shooting foul shots as a result of the foul from the ensuing loose ball, a man later identified as Xavier’s brother, Jonathan, came down out of the stands, climbed over the Providence bench and proceeded to leisurely stroll into the paint to discuss his feelings with referree Todd Williams.  From the Providence Journal:

AP/Winslow Townson)

It's Good to Have Family Loyalty (photo credit: AP/Winslow Townson)

The man was later identified by Dunkin’ Donuts Center general manager Larry Lepore as Jonathan Xavier, a brother of Jeff Xavier. The man began to yell at the referee but never touched him before security guards finally grabbed him and pulled him off the floor. Lepore said Jonathan Xavier was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  PC’s Davis, as well as Marquette coach Buzz Williams, could not believe their eyes.  “Scary,” said Williams. “I’ve never seen anything like that. I just wanted to pull my team off the court and get them away from that.”  Davis was equally amazed. “I’ve seen some interesting things,” he said. “I’ve been going to games since I was born so I’ve seen some really unusual things but that one probably doesn’t even make the list.”

We can’t decide what our favorite part of this incident is – a) that Jonathan Xavier was so blissfully nonchalant in his approach to the referee; b) that, even though it was the second half, he still had his parka on inside the building; c) that he chose to climb over the bench rather than, you know, go around like everyone else, or d) that he gave the ref a gigantic WTF pose when he got out there.  All four are brilliant.  Or, maybe, it’s just the fact that he walked onto the court DURING PLAY of a Big East game because he felt that his brother got fouled.  Well done, bro, well done.

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3 responses to “Excuse Me, Mr. Referee, A Word With You, Sir…”

  1. Don’t wear a parka if you might get in a fight…

  2. WonderD says:

    That’s not in the spirit of intramural basketball. That’s just wrong.

  3. K says:

    Well, at least approached the situation with more decorum than LeBron’s mother has in the past. During one of his high school games LeBron was on the receiving end of a particularly hard foul, and LeBron’s mother ran out onto the court and started hitting the other player with her purse.

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