Week 5 Blogpoll

Posted by rtmsf on January 1st, 2009

Here’s this week’s blogpoll.  Keep in mind that the votes were tallied including games through Monday night only…


Quick Observations.

  • The Harder They Fall. UConn (-4), Ohio St. (-8), Gonzaga (-8) and Xavier (-4) took big hits this week (and Gonzaga is due to take another).   Georgetown (+3) made the biggest jump by virtue of its manhandling of UConn on Monday night, although several other teams had +3 jumps in the middle of the pack as well.
  • Variance. Baylor and Memphis, with Ohio St. and Syracuse following, are the four teams that the bloggers had the most trouble agreeing on.  Baylor, for example, was rated between 9 to 24, and OSU ranged from 10 to 24.  Memphis was rated #11 by one blogger but unranked by everyone else.  The bloggers votes are tallied here.
  • Conference Call. Big East (7), Big 10 (5), ACC (4), Big 12 (3), Pac-10 (2), A10 (1), CUSA (1), SEC (1), WCC (1).
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