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Posted by rtmsf on December 10th, 2008

Scrolling through the news feeds again today we came across an article stating that Kansas freshman forward Markief Morris received 20 hours of community service for his assault of a Wisconsin woman with a plastic BB gun in a university courtyard last summer.  From the AP report:

Campus police said shots were fired from a room in Jayhawker Towers. The 47-year-old woman was hit in the arm and slightly injured. Officers seized a 3-foot-long black Airsoft rifle and medium-sized plastic bag of BBs.

Nothing Says Manly Like a BB Gun and a Dead Sparrow

Nothing Says Manly Like a BB Gun and a Dead Sparrow

Normally we wouldn’t have put this up as a stand-alone post because it’s simply not newsworthy enough to warrant it.  But that begs the question – why isn’t a kid shooting someone with a BB gun newsworthy enough?  The answer is because it seems to happen all the damn time!  The newsworthy part of this story is that athletes shooting people with BB guns is such a frequent occurrence that it’s become passe to report on it anymore.

Checking ourselves, we counted at least 3 other incidents in the past eighteen months where a big-time college basketball player was involved in a BB gun shooting situation.  Here’s that list:

  • Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest –  arrested in April 2008 for shooting a BB gun at a woman in front of her home
  • Ryan Reid, Florida St. – suspended in June 2008 for “fooling around with a BB gun,” whatever that means
  • David Lighty, Ohio St. – pled guilty to misdemeanor assault for shooting a 55-yr old man with a BB gun in June 2007

What is the attraction of athletes with these toys – seriously, it’s like Kobe Bryant at a Colorado resort or Gary Williams at a Buffalo Wild Wings – they just can’t seem to help themselves.  The urges are too strong.  The little voices inside won’t release them from their torturous grasp.

Besides, when will these guys learn?  You don’t shoot people!  You shoot flaming teddy bears and creepy female mannequin heads!  (god we feel very caucasian right now…):

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