Contact Kornheiser: Binghamton Hoops in the News

Posted by rtmsf on November 13th, 2008

Sometimes the stories that come across the wire are already so legendary, there’s really no reason to write additional copy.  From the Binghamton Press & News Bulletin:

trojan-magnumA Binghamton University basketball player has been suspended from the team while charges of shoplifting and assault are pending in Vestal’s town court.  Malik Alvin, 20, was confronted by Wal-Mart security just after 2 p.m. Oct. 26 when officers said he took the contents of a box of 36 condoms without paying for them and attempted to leave the Vestal store, court documents say.  Alvin, a junior and newcomer to the BU team, eluded store security, but while on the run, collided in the store’s foyer with a 66-year-old customer, knocking her to the floor; she sustained a concussion, Vestal town court documents indicate.  Wal-Mart security told Vestal police they saw Alvin take two boxes of Trojan Magnum condoms from a store shelf. Alvin took the condoms into a restroom and stuffed the contents of one box — 36 condoms — into the front pockets of his pants, documents state. He reportedly left the other box in the restroom. […]  Binghamton University offers condoms for free in Resident Assistant offices and at the Health Services office behind Hinman community.

Perhaps there’s a limit on condom pilfering, or well, you know, maybe Binghamton Health Services doesn’t offer Magnums. 


In either case, the ladies at Binghamton U. had best watch their step or the greatest Don Juan the campus has seen since TK (above) rocked the leisure suits might just capture their purity in his venus flytrap.   

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2 responses to “Contact Kornheiser: Binghamton Hoops in the News”

  1. Corey Johns says:

    this isn’t the only case of stuff happening in the America East. Stony Brook’s Desmond Adedji was arrested for a DUI and is suspended for the first 6 days,0,359899.story

    and Albany transfer Will harris doesn not have to sit out because of family hardship, he is transfering from Virginia

  2. jonnym says:

    This site is hilarious!
    Tony Kornheiser should definitely try out one of these hair cuts instead. lol.

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