Testicular Fortitude, Literally

Posted by rtmsf on May 1st, 2008

We sorta wondered what the deal was with Tennessee’s Chris Lofton this year. After a superb junior all-american campaign where he averaged 21/3/2 on 48% shooting (41% from three), his numbers dipped considerably during his senior season (16/3/2 on 40% shooting (38% from three)), culminating in a putrid 7-34 performance in UT’s three games of the NCAA Tournament.

Part of us wondered if he was feeling the pressure to perform for NBA scouts; part of us thought maybe the ascent of teammates such as Tyler Smith and JaJuan Smith may have something to do with it. Turns out we were wrong in a BIG way – Chris Lofton had cancer.

Former University of Tennessee guard Chris Lofton revealed today that he underwent four weeks of radiation treatment for testicular cancer last May. Lofton said in an interview with the News Sentinel that the treatment made him feel sluggish and affected his training. He added it may have affected his performance in his senior season. Lofton said, however, he’s made a full recovery and is healthy. The former Vol American did not disclose his condition to his teammates because “he wanted them to focus on the season.”


Yeah, getting cancer as a 22-year old might make you lose focus on your senior season a little bit. We’ve always liked Lofton, now we think the guy’s a farkin’ stud. Here’s hoping he destroys the NBA draft camps next month.

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One response to “Testicular Fortitude, Literally”

  1. Tdud says:

    Chris is a hard worker cancer or not when he is home u never see him inside on the tv playin games or layin down he is always workin on his game he never says anything about what he has done in highschool or college the past is the past he won state for us and he never talks about it and even when he was young he won nashnals 3 years n a row he never talks about it he never takes all the credit if he hits a last secondshot he will give credit to the passer he isone of the best players iv ever seen that have stayed all 4 years.

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