Obama & the Heels

Posted by rtmsf on April 29th, 2008

Yesterday we brought you a video showing Barack Obama playing ball with some yahoos at a gym in Illinois.  This is better. 

North Carolina’s primary is on May 6th, and what better way to pander to engage and interest Wal-Mart Nation the good people of the Tarheel state right before an election than to strap on some Air Jordans and play pickup ball with their beloved Heels.

Update:  moving pictures!! (h/t The Big Lead)

So is Obama’s gray shirt the hoops equivalent of the red jersey in football scrimmages?  How’d they know which team he was on??  Whatever you do, don’t hurt the guy in the gray shirt! 

Either Obama is asking Roy how he got down 40-12 to Kansas… or, they’re sharing fun tie stories. 

Yes, son [Ty Lawson], you will make more money than me next year.  Wanna contribute?

Even a skinny 46-yr old dude in too-tight sweats can find holes in the vaunted Carolina defense…  and yes, ACC refs, that was an offensive foul on Obama.  Hansbrough to the line for two. 

That’s more like it – I can play with these 12-year olds!

Um, what am I supposed to do with this

Uh oh – now we know Psycho-T’s problem with the NBA.  Smooth Sam is a legit 6’9 – so that makes Hansbrough, what, 6’7 + hair (even allowing for the slight tilt in the photo)? 

Final thoughts.  What must uber-Heel and former Democratic nominee John Edwards think of all this suckling at the teat of the Ram in Chapel Hill? 

Also, NC State fans are crying foul over this unsanctioned “practice.”  God love em. 

All photo credits:  Jeffrey A. Camarati 

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4 responses to “Obama & the Heels”

  1. Thank you for stealing my photos from the UNC Athletics website. Have them removed before I sue for copyright infringement.

  2. rtmsf says:

    Jeff – under the fair use doctrine, we can use your photos. You should note that you were fairly credited with the ownership of those photos and the Tarheel site was linked appropriately from the moment the posting was made.

    If you have further issue with this, hit us up at rushthecourtATyahooDOTcom and I’m sure we can work something out.


  3. BUSH says:

    sue him, nobody needa to see obama twice. i may sue for eye strain trying to find hussiens defense there when he cant keep up with the white kid.

  4. dudeman says:

    UNC is not wal mart nation. however, state fans are always pathetic so i credit you with pointing out at least one fact.

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