What’s Up With Roy’s Technicolor Tie?

Posted by rtmsf on April 6th, 2008

We think we’ve figured out what actually caused UNC to come out and play like complete garbage for the first twelve minutes of the game Saturday night.

It was that horrid tie, stupid!

Clearly the Carolina players were so thrown by Roy’s 3D Magic Eye tie (could you see the hidden picture of Dean Smith in there? us neither), that their depth perception was off for a while. This explains the errant passes, the bricks from all over the court, and the general play akin to a drunken soldier on leave for the first part of the game.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Observer

Some enterprising soul was so taken with Roy’s tie choice that he even chose to put together a music video honoring it. Hey, we don’t judge (h/t to Brahsome)…

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One response to “What’s Up With Roy’s Technicolor Tie?”

  1. Nancy says:

    thanks for the best laugh of the year!

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