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Posted by rtmsf on February 4th, 2008


We just learned that everyone’s favorite egomaniacal asshole coach disciplinarian and teacher, Bob Knight, has resigned from Texas Tech.  Kinda strange timing, this being the middle of the season and all. 

Bob Knight

Photo Credit:  Indy Star

We truly hope there’s nothing health-related going on with Knight or his family, but with that caveat, here’s RTC’s top 10 reasons why Coach Knight might be leaving Texas Tech.  Remember, there’s always a backstory with this guy.

  1. Retirement is fun – Knight should just sit back, “relax, and enjoy it.”   
  2. Pier 1 refused to supply him with any further vases for his secretaries
  3. Texas Tech decided to nail down the courtside seats this year. 
  4. It’s all f$#&ing Greg Graham’s fault. 
  5. “Hey Knight.”  Some snot-nosed punk kid needed a lesson or two on manners. 
  6. Kelvin Sampson was caught three-way calling again, so there will be an opening at Indiana soon. 
  7. Folks in Texas don’t take too kindly to whips used on them.
  8. Isiah offered him a job as Chief of Ho Security in the Knicks front office.
  9. Neil Reed asked for his relevance back.    
  10. And oh yeah… his mediocre record this year and every other year since 1994. 

Best of luck to Coach Knight in his next gig at the University of San Francisco.

Indy Star Cartoon

Cartoon Credit:  Indy Star

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