Mid Major H2H (thru 11.19.07)

Posted by rtmsf on November 20th, 2007

After yesterday’s analysis of the BCS conferences to date, we thought it would be worth a quick look to see how the eight mid-major leagues are doing so far.

Mid Major H2H

Data Source: www.basketballstate.com


  • The Mountain West has gotten off to the best start, going 9-2 against the BCS and mid-major leagues (and 25-4 overall). The only other league with a winning record against the BCS/MM is the Missouri Valley at 6-5.
  • The CAA, WCC and WAC need to get their acts together and win a game against a BCS team (combined 0-15). The WCC and WAC in particular are really struggling, both having losing records against the other mids and barely above .500 against the lows.
  • CUSA has the most BCS wins, but two of the three belong to Memphis (Tulane beating Auburn is the other).
  • Realizing that fortuitous scheduling accounts for any distinctions this early, we’d rank the mids as such at this point: 1) MWC, 2) MVC, 3) CUSA, 4) A10, 5) Horizon, 6) CAA, 7) WAC, 8 ) WCC.

Update: while compiling this list, the WCC had a huge upset with St. Mary’s knocking off #9 Oregon tonight. Obviously, that will change their status from eighth place among the mid-majors next time.

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