TP for Skip

Posted by rtmsf on July 27th, 2007

We’ll Miss You Skip 

WFU Skip

As promised, and much to the surprise of the various scavengers and other denizens of the night, we went outside our apartment building at midnight and paid our respects to Coach Prosser by TPing the trees out front.  You can see above (h/t to Adam Dovico for the the great pic) some of the work done on campus last night as well.  We were only two people with limited rolls of spare TP, so the result looks a little sad, but the effect on our souls was cathartic and we ultimately felt that Skip would be proud of our efforts.  Here is our contribution:

Roll 4 Skip 1 

Roll 4 Skip 3

Roll 4 Skip 4

(apologies for the blurriness – we’re bloggers not photographers)…

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One response to “TP for Skip”

  1. mdkiff says:

    Nicely done, and great shot of WF’s efforts.

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