Big Ten Fans prepare for their Annual Emasculation

Posted by rtmsf on April 17th, 2007

The 2007 ACC/Big 10 “Challenge” games were released yesterday, much to the dismay of coaches throughout the midwest, who must have been hoping that the contract on this thing had finally expired. In the eight year history of this event, the ACC has gone 8-0 vs. the Big Ten, including a commanding 48-27 lead in head-to-head matchups. Only one Big Ten team has a winning record, Michigan State (4-3); and only two ACC teams have losing records, UNC (3-5) and Miami (0-2). This year all eleven Big Ten teams will compete against all but Miami from the ACC, including the scintillating set-your-Tivo-now Wake Forest vs. Iowa game on the first night. Not that it matters – who are we kidding? The ACC could send out its third-place intramural squads and still go 6-5 in this thing. Enjoy.

2007 Big Ten/ACC Challenge Schedule

Monday, Nov. 26
7:00 p.m. ESPN2 Wake Forest at Iowa

Tuesday, Nov. 27
7:00 p.m. ESPN Georgia Tech at Indiana
7:30 p.m. ESPN2 Minnesota at Florida State
8:00 p.m. ESPNU Northwestern at Virginia
9:00 p.m. ESPN Wisconsin at Duke
9:30 p.m ESPN2 Purdue at Clemson

Wednesday, Nov. 28
7:00 p.m. ESPN N.C. State at Michigan State
7:30 p.m. ESPN2 Illinois at Maryland
8:00 p.m. ESPNU Boston College at Michigan
9:00 p.m. ESPN North Carolina at Ohio State
9:30 p.m. ESPN2 Virginia Tech at Penn State

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